The Mayo Clinic’s blog offers an unusual idea for a wedding gift registry: health care.

In This Bride Wants to Register at the Mayo Clinic, author Meredith Gould half-jokingly writes:

My Bridal Registry wish list includes (in priority order): comprehensive blood work and urine analysis; a mammogram, pap smear, and DEXA scan; a complete eye exam by an ophthalmologist; an EKG and echo-cardiogram; and an MRI of my lower spine and X-rays of both knees.

Details aside (not all components of the author’s list, on a platform sponsored by a mega-hospital system, are essential in what would be mine), this is a brilliant idea!

And while we’re thinking in this mode: how about vaccinations for kids? (baby shower) and well visits for adults (anniversaries).


h/t Dawn McKinney, @napernurse

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