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I began this blog in November 2009, shortly after completing a master’s degree at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. (For my recent work see elaine.schattner.com.) I update this site occasionally.

Here’s what I wrote around then:


The main idea of this blog is to consider news about health care, and how that is communicated in various media forms including newspapers, academic journals, magazines, the Internet, radio, TV and film.

The author is a human being who recognizes that, as such, she cannot be strictly objective about anything. Because she values transparency in journalism, she strives to be up-front about her background and experiences that might influence her writing consciously or unconsciously. The views expressed on this website have no relationship whatsoever to any academic institution with which the author is affiliated.

There is no commercial or agency sponsorship of this website. Readers may notice some ads; their purpose is primarily to cover the costs of maintaining the site. The author and publisher of Medical Lessons will not know if any particular person clicks on an ad or makes a purchase through a third-party vendor, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a Google-sponsored link. Medical Lessons does not accept payment for links in text or images.

– ES (June 2012)