Return from Charleston

Dear Readers,

A few days ago I traveled with my family to Charleston, South Carolina. It was my first time in that peninsular city. The place is a hotbed of tourism – stuffed with establishments of fine cuisine, art galleries and architectural landmarks.

Church Street, Charleston NC

We enjoyed the visit. I swam laps daily. I brushed up on U.S. Revolutionary and Civil War history. I made a serious dent in a book I’m reading about Cleopatra.

What I missed was the Internet, from which I was unintentionally disconnected for a few days. Surely some might think, or even tell me directly, that a digital break is a good thing. It’s healthy to step away from it, for sure. But it didn’t feel that way –

I enjoy these bits of writing. I’m glad to be back at home, and on-line.

– ES

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