Watching the Happy Hospitalist’s Xtranormal Videos

Some weeks ago I discovered Happy’s hilarious Xtranormal videos on his anonymous blog. Yesterday I laughed watching the Hospitalist vs the ER:

I can’t tell you much about who the Happy Hospitalist is. His is one of the few anonymous blogs I read. Based on the apparent relevance of cars and parking lots in his everyday life, I doubt he’s anywhere close to Manhattan. On politics – a tangent on the said Hospitalist’s site, most often I’m not on the same page. But on the ins and outs, and ups and downs of hospital care and personalities at work, most often he’s spot on – with instructive, occasionally deep, specifics and humor.

At the footer of Happy’s blog, beneath an image with a picture of two perky dogs in a vehicle, a caption reads: “IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU NEED TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. GO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY.”


Xtranormal’s mission is to bring movie-making to the people, according to its website. (I aspire to try the “text to movie” function after I’ve published my first book, in 201?)

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