Blogging Addiction Disorder


  • Been there, doing that!

    I’ve got a book in the hopper too, but blogs take a lot of writing time and energy.

    I’d give you good advice, but I wouldn’t follow it.

    Good luck with your work.

  • Hah, good one, Elaine!

    I find the easiest way to stay focused on other projects needing my attention is to write and schedule posts in blocks, usually on a Sunday afternoon, when it’s quiet. That way, I have fewer excuses and distractions for cracking on with the pressing reports that need finishing and only have to write one or 2 ad hoc posts during the week.

    Simple but effective strategy :)

    • Sally and Kate,
      Of course, I’m not sure I have it, or that it’s a problem if so. I was just looking it up, and thought I’d share…

      Blogging’s fun, like many vices, harmful addictions and some really good things; I have trouble keeping my hands off the keyboard just as I have trouble not compulsively reading what comes by my way.

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