End of the Big C Season 2, ML Coverage Stops

Last night Showtime aired the second season’s finale of the Big C. As usual, there was no detail whatsoever about Cathy’s advanced melanoma or treatment.

I didn’t think the show could get worse, in the reality-of-having-cancer sense, but it did. Cathy, who still looks great and complains of no physical problems, determinately runs, walks and trudges through a New Year’s marathon. OK, that might happen, but it shouldn’t.

Biggest mistake ever in this series so far: In a scene near the end, Cathy’s first oncologist shows up at the race to see her meet the finish line. While they’re waiting, he and Cathy’s teenage son Adam go to a diner. Adam asks the doctor about his mom’s prognosis, and the oncologist answers.

It’s a blatant, medical ethics 101 no-no – talking to a patient’s family member without her permission. And to a minor, no less.

I just read the program has been renewed for a 3rd Season. I may check in occasionally, just to see if it improves, but I’m not going to watch regularly. Unlikely I’ll write on it again, unless the Big C gets real about melanoma and Cathy’s life with illness.

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