Noting the Death of Christopher Hitchens from Esophageal Cancer

The author is saddened to learn that Christopher Hitchens died late yesterday evening at the age of 62, roughly a year and a half after receiving a diagnosis of esophageal cancer. He was a prolific and articulate man; I respected him for his words.

His essays on the language and cancer might be of particular interest to some readers of this blog.

The NCI reports there are some 17,000 new cases of esophageal cancer in North American each year; it’s not a common tumor, and most cases arise in men. The annual number of deaths from esophageal cancer approaches 15,000 in the U.S. These numbers are telling: it’s not an easy disease to have, or to treat.


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  • Thank you for putting this out there for cancer survivors and/or family & friends of those who have passed on due an early demise at the hands of the Great Thief (cancer – in any form). Today marks two years exactly that I lost a special family member; one who, like Christopher Hitchens – though less publicly – also lived life to the fullest and made the world we live in a better place. She is missed dearly – and yet; we thank her for her legacy of love. To all who are struggling with the beast during this holiday season; blessings and good wishes for health and happiness.

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