Hello Readers!

Well, I went ahead and started this blog without a proper introduction. Why was I in such a hurry?

Because I think the media’s getting – and giving – the wrong message on breast cancer screening. When it comes to long, boring medical publications like those published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine, perhaps it’s not the devil that’s in the details so much as are the facts.

More on that tomorrow –

I read somewhere that for a blog to be successful you have to let people know a bit about the author and her life.  Besides, if I obsess only about cancer and its treatments it’d be hard for readers to come back for more.

So I’ll start with this:  I live in Manhattan and am really glad to be alive.

Thanks everyone, for reading and sharing!

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  • Elaine, this is fantastic! I can’t wait to read (more of) your blogs. I so trust your intelligence, knowldege, compassion, integrity and inquisitive mind… Hugs, Chantal

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